“To realise the benefits of a more diverse workforce in the long term, the focus needs to be on organisation innovation, supported by top down cultural change. And most importantly we need to attract the future pipeline of talent.”

Sarah Hooper, Director Chamber of Minerals and Energy 

What is the WIMWA Resourceful School Speakers Initiative?

Positive female role models are important if we are to transform some of the preconceptions about who works in the mining and resource sector, both among the public, young girls, their teachers and parents. The Resourceful School speakers program aims to provide a free service with volunteers from across the mining and resources sector going into schools to talk about their jobs and the industry. The talk could be at an assembly, to a small group, as part of a career’s day. Anyone can volunteer – you can be a young apprentice, graduate recruit or an established professional – young people will benefit from hearing about your experiences.

What is the vision of the initiative?

The program aims to increase gender diversity in the resources sector within a ten year horizon by increasing the number of school-aged girls who select training and education that would lead to career opportunities within the Resources sector:

  • to help girls to realise their potential
  • improve women’s potential pay and prospects
  • develop a bigger and more diverse talent pool for local employers
  • contribute to economic growth

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Information for Schools

The range of roles available in the mining industry and resource sector are diverse and provide excellent opportunities for challenging and interesting careers for women. There are roles for women who are wishing to pursue a STEM career, and scientific university degrees such as engineering, Geo-science, and environment management are in high demand. Along with trade based roles, such as mechanics and electrician and the ‘Hard-Hat roles’ mobile plant operators and truck drivers. However, the mining industry is also engaging with advanced technology  and the demand for IT and technology professionals is increasing. Finally,  it is often overlooked that mining is “big business” which provides opportunities for a broad range of roles across management, commerce, law, human resources and health and safety.

This link offers further insight into the range of roles available, and may dispel some of the commonly held stereotypes surrounding the mining and resources sector.

If you would like to request a speaker to attend your school for a career’s day,  a career education class, assembly or in a forum that suits your needs please complete the form found at the link below.

The Request a Speaker Form can be found here.

Speaker Registration

Engaging young people with the resource sector is extremely important. Students often say, that listening to or meeting an inspirational speaker has a major impact on their career choices. By talking to students about your resource sector career, you can introduce them to career options they hadn’t previously considered, or encourage those considering a career in the industry to pursue their goals.

We understand that not everyone is confident at public speaking, while others will be delighted by the opportunity to address a large group, with this in mind we have taken care to provide options for you to engage with an audience in a way that suits you. The speaker registration form will provide you with these options.

The Speaker Registration Form can be found here.

More information about preparing to speak at a school can be found here