Moving the conversation forward – Sabina Shugg AM

In her opening remarks Sabina Shugg AM began outlining how she felt that embracing people’s  differences can create better diverse teams.  Sabina raises the question that if diverse teams can lead to better outcomes why are we still struggling to find the solutions. Why is society still grappling with the question of merit.

Sabina suggested that moving the conversation forward required more discussion about what companies, and individuals, are doing to address and resolve some of the identified structural and cultural problems that are impeding the attraction and retention of women and men in the mining industry, and other parts of society, and asking the question ‘what sort of workplace to you want to be part of and what can we all do to get there’.

Sabina also announced a scholarship in the WIMWA Mentoring program honouring two key figures in the WIMWA story who sadly both died earlier in 2016 from cancer – Carl Adams and Christy Robinson (nee Fordyce). Sabina honoured the important role they played in her own life and in the evolution of WIMWA. The Momentum Mentoring scholarship is named after the company that Carl started and will offer a place, each semester, in the WIMWA mentoring program.

Sabina spoke of the importance of embracing life and being very active in your story, there is no point in hanging back we need to make new paths and move the conversation forward.

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