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WIMWA events, are held in Perth, the Goldfields and the Pilbara addressing topics vital to women and men in the workplace.

These gatherings, whether large or small, connect attendees, inspire action, and advance our vision of proactively retaining people in the industry. These and other WIMWA events, together with attendees’ commitment to use these occasions to learn from one another, demonstrate the power of networking and the community that we have created.

We hope to see you and your organization at a future WIMWA event!

Sponsors and speakers for these events are required and encouraged. Please contact Sabina or WIMWA Events.

WIMWA Annual Summit 2022

Date Thu 22nd September 2022 - Fri 23rd September 2022
VenuePerth Convention and Exhibition Centre
Time7.00AM to 7pm - Thursday 7am start for Breakfast
Friday 9am start
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